There are many type of hedging plants that are best to grow. Each of them have certain characteristics and advantages.

  1. Leylandii (Green)

Leylandii (green) is one of the most popular hedging plants since it can grow very fast compare to the other hedging-plants. It can grow for about 1 meter or three feet in only one year. Leylandii (green) also known as Leyland Cypress, Conifer Hedging or Leylandi.

It costs lower especially when we compare it to the other hedging plants at height more than 120 cm tall. Leylandii (green) is also a good choice for those who live in a windy areas since it is so sturdy and wind tolerant.

If you prune Leylandii (green) almost every year, then this conifer will make a box – shaped hedge with very dark-green color. It is recommended to trim the Leylandii (green) twice or once a year. The top of this plant need to be trimmed for about twice a year while the sides only once a year. If you leave the Leylandii (green) untrimmed, it can grow very tall and reach more than 30 meters.

Leylandii (green) is a type of easy to grow and maintain plant. It can grow either in partial shade and full sun. The best type of soil to grow Leylandii (green) is in heavy and wet clay soils.

Which Hedge Do You Want to Plant? Here are the Lists
Which Hedge Do You Want to Plant? Here are the Lists
  1. Laurel Hedging

Laurel Hedging also known as English Laurel, Cherry Laurel and Common Laurel. Under the ideal condition, Laurel Hedging is able to grow up to 2 feet or 60 cm per year. If you are type of people who don’t like to grow conifer, then Laurel Hedging can be your best choice since this plant is one of the fastest growing hedging plant.

Laurel Hedging is also able to maintain its leaves throughout the year. As one of the non – conifer type for hedging plants, Laurel Hedging is least expensive. It is quite easy to use Laurel Hedging as an instant screen since it can grow tall very quick and more than 4 feet tall Laurel Hedging is very bushy.

Laurel Hedging can grow in almost any type of soils except for very wet soils and shallow chalky soil. You can grow Laurel Hedging under the direct sun or in shade. Remember to give Laurel Hedging ample water when they are in a state of developing root system.

Which Hedge Do You Want to Plant? Here are the Lists
Which Hedge Do You Want to Plant? Here are the Lists
  1. Portugal Laurel

Portugal Laurel also known as Portuguese Laurel with botanical name Prunus lusitanica. Under ideal condition, Portugal Laurel can grow up to 18 inches or 45 cm per year. Therefore, Portugal Laurel is classified as medium – fast growing hedging plant.

There are several reasons of why you should choose Portugal Laurel. As one of evergreen, Portugal Laurel will keep its leaves all year round. It doesn’t get affected by the season. For formal appearance around office buildings, Portugal Laurel can be the best option since it does not need complex maintaining but can form tidy and neat looking hedge.

The leaves are smaller than Cherry Laurel with dark-green color. Portugal Laurel also has white flowers with soft fragrant and impressive red stems.