Possessing your own greenhouse garden will totally alter the way you usually garden. Greenhouse garden enables people to have almost full control over their garden environment. You can control the temperature,, humidity, light intensity in this type of garden every time. You can plant almost every type of plants in greenhouse garden as long as you understand how to take care of certain plant.

Full Basic Guidance for Starting Your Own Greenhouse Garden
Full Basic Guidance for Starting Your Own Greenhouse Garden

Here are basic guidance for those who want to start their own greenhouse garden.

  1. Preparing the Seedlings

Of course you can care your own plants by starting it from adult plants by buying it from local gardening center, but as many people said, “growing your own plant from seed will give you more satisfaction”. If you want to start your greenhouse gardening experience, then start it by choosing high quality seeds.

Then, make sure you always plant several extra seeds to avoid the risk of getting seedling that never sprout. Put the seedlings in a warmer place with sufficient moist. It is better if you use plastic wrap as coverings for those seeds.

  1. Control the Light and Temperature

Make sure that all of your plants get sufficient amount of sunlight during the day. If you live in the area that gets ample sunlight, then light issues might not be any problem for you. Just make sure that your plants are not subjected to high amounts of shade which will prevent them from getting enough sunlight.

But, for those who growing plants in the winter months, sunlight might be very huge problem as the daylight hours are shortened. You can set up artificial lights which can provide more light for the plants.

Meanwhile, you can control the temperature inside greenhouse garden by using an electric heater. This tools are very necessary if you grow your plants during winter.

Full Basic Guidance for Starting Your Own Greenhouse Garden
Full Basic Guidance for Starting Your Own Greenhouse Garden
  1. Check the Water and Humidity

Not every type of plants need the same amount of humidity and water. For plants that need more humidity and moisture level, then drip systems might be a huge help. Meanwhile, you can set the nozzle for plants that don’t need high amount of humidity with lower amount of water.

Why People Should Consider to Build Their Own Greenhouse Garden?

For those who love gardening, the season issues in country of four seasons can be overwhelming sometimes. This is because the season outside can bring a huge effect towards your growing season. Therefore, having a greenhouse garden enables people to extend their growing season.

The advantage of greenhouse garden compares to outdoor garden is this type of garden will let you have your own protected space where you can do your little plant experimentation. When the season outside is getting a little bit cooler, you can arrange the environment inside the garden to become warmer.