Bamboo garden becomes more and more popular nowadays. Many people are curious to try on building their own bamboo garden at home. Bamboo itself is actually a giant grass that undergoes exuberant growth each year. Young bamboo that has about 8 feet tall can produce 3 additional new shoots every year. Bamboo is surely one of the most impressive plants on earth.

Having bamboo in your garden can give the exotic vibe you will never want to miss. Some people might avoid to have bamboo in their garden as they think it will only give crowded vibes to it.

5 Bamboo Garden Ideas Worth to Try
5 Bamboo Garden Ideas Worth to Try
  1. Bamboo Wall Accents

If you want to create more exotic vibes onto your dull wall, this ideas will truly inspire you. Bamboo wall accents will give traditional and exotic vibe to the wall. The bamboo will also cover the flaws on the wall so you don’t need to look for ways to cover it. The bamboo as wall accents also brings life to the corner of your outside home décor.

The bamboo will create three dimensional wall instead of two dimensional boring wall. To make it more flawless, you can add white stones to the floor. The combination between light brown bamboo, white stones, green plants around it will bring contrast and make it looks amazing.

  1. Accents for the White Fence

Applying white fence around the house sometimes can make you feel boring. You may want to add some natural accents that will give more color to the white fence. Bamboo can be your best choice as it will not only give color to the white fence, but also give more height to it. You need to maintain the height of the bamboo so it still in the same height.

Place white stones around the root of the bamboo so they will merge with the white fence. In order to make this design idea functional, you have to prune the bamboo more frequently as bamboo is very fast in growing.

5 Bamboo Garden Ideas Worth to Try
5 Bamboo Garden Ideas Worth to Try
  1. Bamboo as the Pathway

If your home has a certain walkway to the front door, then bamboo will be the best choice for you to make the walkway to the front door more stunning. The key to make this ideas functional is by positioning the bamboo in an arrange manner. You can add lights along the side of the walkway to give beautiful and unique glow in the dark.

  1. Add Bamboo to the Corners

You can grow bamboo plants around the place to relax in the garden. The place to relax is made from wood which can give you very peaceful atmosphere. This place is also a great place to entertain your guests since the place can bring a sense of love and warmth.

  1. Bamboo Edging

Bamboo can be the best substitute for your high fence in the yard. Bamboo can create the garden vibes for your home. Trim the bamboo regularly to make them grow neatly.