Almost everyone is interested in seeing a butterfly because it has colorful and beautiful wings. To be able to see many butterflies with my different motifs and colors, many businessmen built a butterfly garden. There are a great number of these gardens and they are spread all over the world. Each butterfly garden usually accommodates more than 20 types of butterflies. This number could be even higher when the museum is in a tropical country.

This type of garden usually has a greenhouse concept and is usually an exotic and unique place for visitors. To be able to attract the attention of many butterflies, usually in a greenhouse is planted with various kinds of plants that can attract the attention of the butterflies. For example, Stonecrop, Pipe Vine, Sunflower, and so on. You are curious about the various kinds of butterfly graders around the world, let’s look at the following information.

List of Butterfly Garden Around the World
List of Butterfly Garden Around the World
  1. Changi Airport Butterfly Garden in Singapore

If you have the opportunity to transit or come to Changi Airport terminal section 3, then you will have the opportunity to see the butterfly garden there. There are at least more than 1000 butterflies living there. The park houses 40 butterfly species native to Malaysia. Changi park is equipped with a waterfall with a height of 6 meters. There are many plants that are the favorite of butterflies, and various kinds of plants that are the food of butterflies. The park has been open to the public since 2008.

  1. Niagara Parks Butterfly Garden

The next butterfly park is in Niagara, which is a few kilometers north of the famous Waterfall in Ontario, Canada. The park has been open to the public since 1996 and currently has 2000 butterflies. At least in the park, there are 45 species of butterflies that come from several tropical countries from all over the world. For example, from South Asia, Australia, and America. The inside of the park has an atmosphere similar to a rainforest, so butterflies can live well in it.

List of Butterfly Garden Around the World
List of Butterfly Garden Around the World
  1. Bornholm Butterfly Garden

If you come to a country in the Baltic Sea area to be precise on the Danish island, then try to come to the Bornholm Butterfly Garden. The park has a collection of butterflies that usually live in tropical countries. Some of the most popular types of butterflies in the park are the Painted Lady, Orange Tip, and Red Admiral. The public has been able to come to this place since 1997. Currently, there are at least 1000 butterflies there.

  1. Stratford Butterfly Garden

In the middle of the city of Stratford there is a butterfly garden with a complete collection. The park is called the Stratford Butterfly Garden which is the first time it has been allowed to be visited by the public since 1985. The inside of the garden contains waterfalls, tropical plants, and a pond. The atmosphere makes for a cool environment and this is very suitable as a habitat for butterflies.