Vertical garden is the best solution for people who live in an urban spaces which typically have smaller space of living. Vertical garden is not only able to bring breathe life for your dull concrete walls but also enables you to become more productive in utilizing space. There are various types of plants people choose to grow in vertical garden.

You can either choose to grow ornamentals plants or productive plants such as vegetables. Mostly, vertical garden will work best as a medium for plants that can grow naturally without much soil.

Top 5 Popular Plants to Grow in a Vertical Garden
Top 5 Popular Plants to Grow in a Vertical Garden


Begonias flower is one of the best ornamental plants to grow in your vertical garden. This type of plant works well in indoors thus Begonia is suitable for shade vertical gardens. Begonias plants come in various sizes and shapes. They have compact, cane, variegated as well as trailing. All types of Begonias will thrive in a shade vertical garden.

Their colorful flowers and leaves will bring beautiful environment for your home. The flowers are the combination of white and pink color with bright green leaves.

Top 5 Popular Plants to Grow in a Vertical Garden
Top 5 Popular Plants to Grow in a Vertical Garden

Japanese Iris

Japanese Iris are one of the most favored plants for vertical garden designers in all over the world. These ornamental flowers have stunning bright purple which will change your dull walls into beautiful gardens in homes. Japanese Iris are best thrive on a shaded wall. The flowers will appear in spring season.


Who knows that orchids also can grow in vertical garden? The combination between orchids and the other ornamental plants in vertical garden will create stunning and amazing look toward your garden wall. You can pick between Oncidium spp. and Dendrobium or combine the two to bring the full beautifulness for your garden wall.

These pretty shape and color flowers combine with their strappy leaves will make your garden totally look exotic. What makes orchids the best choice for vertical garden is not only because their beautiful appearance, but also because they need low maintenance. Orchids will thrive best under the shade. They need ample sunlight but not from direct sunlight.


Ferns are great options for a shaded – type vertical garden. Ferns can thrive best even when they don’t get enough sunlight. Therefore, if your vertical garden is on a shaded wall, don’t forget to plant ferns. There are many types of ferns work best for vertical garden such as bird’s nest fern (asplenium nidus), boston fern (nephrolepis), adiantum, platycerium and many more.

In order to make ferns flourished, you better provide moist environment for them. To create a beautiful vertical garden from ferns, just mix and match the plant.

Productive Plants

If you are type of a person who prefer to grow productive plants other than ornamental plants, then there are also some type of productive plants that can grow greatly in vertical garden. Some of productive plants you can choose are mints, kales, lettuce, English spinach, several chili plants and so on.